Research Services: 

Interested in hiring a professional genealogist to conduct research at the Library of Virginia? I am happy to help! Feel free to contact me with the following information:
  • Name of ancestor to be researched
  • All previous research completed concerning the ancestor
  • What you want to find out (your research goal)
                       My rates for research are:
  • $25.00 per hour 
                             Sample Genealogy Report:
                 Client Reviews:
"Recently I was contacted by one of my King cousins on her brick wall with our Pittsylvania County King family of trying to find the maiden name of her ancestor which no has found in ten years of research.

I reached out to David Joyce since he has a keen eye for  noticing obscure details which can help locate that missing ancestors. In just a few hours of research he located clues which has seems to be answering possibilities of who our ancestor might be

Then he found the possible Virginia County our King ancestors  came from prior to to the area we knew they had lived in.

I highly recommend David for doing in depth research on difficult genealogical issues. 

I now have whole new areas to research in and had ancestors located where I least expected.

Thank you again David, and I am looking forward to continued finds in our King family tree
-Sandy Connolly


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